This is an idea for my stream#

Here's another idea for my stream. Some italic text.#

The 100 Most-Wanted Speakers at Tech Conferences.#

For a science project.#

I'm trying to think but nothing happens!#

When I first read Ted Nelson in the 70s, his books gave me ideas I've used when I dream about software, ever since. #

Unlike other hippie tech visionaries, Ted's writing was accessible, he explained his ideas very well! #

And the value of the ideas endure. Although I'm sure Ted would disagree, vehemently, the tools and services we're using today were imagined by him, very long ago.#

Moral of the story: Things don't always come out the way you think they will, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't dream. #

Ted's work is incredible, still to this day.#

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